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    Clawgear Mk.III Combat Shirt
    Mk.III Combat Shirt
    Mk.III Combat Shirt features improved collar design for better comfort and possibility to attach the optional available Breacher Hood. Sleeve pockets have been modified for better accessibility and the elbow pad compartment has been relocated and altered for best possible protection and comfort. The sleeve end adjustment has been completely re-engineered for better adjustability and an elastic element has been added to better harmonize with your body movements. The torso has been extended to make sure that the shirt will not slip out of the pant.Uncompromisingly designed combat-specific garment specially to be worn under body armor. Its anatomic fit provides great wearing comfort. The torso is made of a fire-retardant fabric, which has been developed for military & law enforcement use and won't melt or drip like polyester when exposed to thermal threats or flames. Moisture wicking capability and sweat absorption in combination with soft feeling surface keeps dry and comfortable during your combat missions. Reinforced elbow areas can be equipped with removable elbow pads. Zip collar is designed to be worn in different varieties for your comfort and to prevent intrusion of dust. Shoulder area is seamless to avoid pressure marks when wearing a backpack.Fire-retardant (FR) performance torsoQuick drying, soft and comfortableMoisture wicking and breathableFeels like cotton but is much more durableExcellent wearing comfort and lightweightAthletic fitAsymmetric sleeve pocket designAllows to roll up the sleevesReduced NIR signature
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  • Clawgear Raider Mk.IV Field Shirt
    Raider Mk.IV Field Shirt
    Raider Mk.IV Field Shirt kept us on our toes for quite a while because the requirements from different operational tasks and operators were often contradictory to each other. We decided to go for the lightest and most versatile solutions and combined them with latest textile engineering advancements for best performance and versatility under battlefield conditions. The sleeve design has been adopted from our Operator Combat Shirt and feature articulated ergonomic design for even better comfort and mobility. As usual, we have attached great importance to a high degree of freedom of movement, high functionality and a wide range of applications to enhance the operator's fightability.Durable mil spec fabrics with great handfeelLightweight design and constructionExcellent wearing comfort and athletic fitRollable sleeve ends without zipInnovative pocket conceptFlap for rank insigniaCan be equipped with Breacher Hood (available optionally)Internal compartments for elbow pads (available optionally)
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  • Clawgear Operator Combat Shirt
    Operator Combat Shirt
    The Operator Combat Shirt was developed as a tailor-made solution for a European special forces unit. We combined the wishes and suggestions expressed with the latest findings in fabric production and textile design. The result was subjected to intensive operational testing, further refined and then successfully procured. Due to the impressive feedback and the procurement by other special operations forces, we have decided to include this product in our regular range.This combat shirt, specially tailored for use in combination with ballistic protective waistcoats, has a very body-hugging cut, which ensures a high level of wearing comfort. The shoulder area has been designed to be seamless, which prevents uncomfortable pressure points when wearing rucksacks, plate carriers and chest rigs. The sleeves and upper arm pockets have been completely redesigned and have an ergonomic design adapted to the contours of the body for better wearing comfort and mobility.The flame-retardant knitted fabric has been further developed compared to the previous model and now has an even better performance in terms of moisture management and sweat absorption, but at the same time the robustness has been further increased. The lightness as well as the anti-microbial and flame-retardant properties remain unaffected. The results achieved in the certification according to EN ISO 14116 with an after-flame time and after-glow time of 0 seconds each are the best possible values that can be achieved at all.In contrast to polyester and nylon, the fabric used does not melt under the influence of high temperatures or flames. As the materials used are inherently flame retardant, the flame retardant effect remains permanently and cannot wash out. The wicking effect of the fabric allows moisture to be efficiently transported to the outside, and the fine surface also ensures a sense of well-being throughout use. In this way, we efficiently counteract a frequently underestimated core risk and at the same time ensure very good performance and a high level of comfort.Intensively field tested and proven in use with special forcesCrew-up sleeve ends without zipsCollar with integrated zipCan be equipped with a Breacher Hood (optionally available)Spacious upper arm pocketsRobust Mil Spec fabrics with excellent wearing comfortTorso area made of flame-retardant knitted fabric, complies with EN ISO 14116Extralong torso to prevent slipping out of the trousersFast drying and breathableEfficiently transports moisture to the outsideAthletic cutInternal pockets for elbow pads (optionally available).
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