Community Guidelines

TMH also offers users of the webshop the possibility to participate in the TMH-Trading - Community. Within the TMH-Trading - Community it is possible for users to rate products in TMH's webshop, comment on them and upload their own photos to the comments/reviews

The use of the TMH-Trading - Community requires the registration of the User in the webshop and the acceptance of these Terms of Use. Unless otherwise agreed between TMH and the User, the use of the TMH-Trading - Community is free of charge. If the user terminates the contractual relationship during this phase, the registration will end and the user will not incur any costs.

TMH reserves the right to terminate the contract prematurely during the agreed contract period for good cause - without setting a grace period. In particular, use of the TMH-Trading - Community or the Community in breach of the contract, dissemination of content damaging to TMH or other users, misuse of the TMH-Trading - Community and similar, as well as gross breach of contractual obligations are agreed as good cause.

TMH is entitled to verify the identity of the User and to block the User's account until the verification of the User's personal data is completed.

The User is obliged to notify TMH of any change in his personal data and delivery address within 7 days. The User shall indemnify and hold TMH harmless for any failure to notify TMH of any such timely change.

Unless otherwise agreed, TMH exclusively provides the TMH-Trading - Community. The User shall provide the technical, personnel and organizational requirements necessary for the use of this TMHTrading - Community, such as a suitable terminal device or a permanent Internet connection.

TMH reserves the right to modify or improve the TMH-Trading - Community at any time, provided that this does not result in any impairment of use for the users. This may result in optical, technical, content-related or other changes. A claim for improvement or modification does not exist for users.

The user undertakes not to use the TMH-Trading - Community in an abusive or illegal manner. When using the TMH-Trading - Community, the user must comply with the applicable law, in particular not to harass or insult anyone, not to make threats or violent statements or to write discriminatory and racist comments. It is prohibited to make copyright protected downloads or uploads or to send spam. It is prohibited to distribute pornographic, violent, racist or otherwise discriminatory content of any kind.

Users shall indemnify and hold TMH and all of its agents harmless from and against any and all adverse consequences resulting from any unlawful, improper or otherwise tortious use of the TMHTrading - Community and related services

In particular, damages resulting from the incorrect provision of data and facts or from the violation of personal rights, copyright, data protection or other standards by the users are also covered.

In the event of any other liability, the user undertakes to treat the access data to his account confidentially and carefully and not to pass it on to third parties under any circumstances. The user must inform persons to whom he provides the access data to his account about the obligations resulting from these terms of use.

The user undertakes to log out of his account after each use of the TMH-Trading - Community and to log in again before each use in order to prevent misuse of his account in the event of loss or theft.

The user agrees to indemnify and hold TMH harmless for all consequences and disadvantages resulting from a loss, theft or disclosure of his login data or a loss, theft or disclosure of his terminal device during valid logins in the TMH-Trading - Community.

The User undertakes to make backup copies of the data and information stored by him in the TMHTrading - Community. TMH shall not be liable for any adverse consequences and damages resulting from a loss of data that could have been prevented or minimized by making backup copies.

Documents made physically available or electronically accessible by TMH, such as in particular images, analyses, concepts, samples and other documents, shall remain TMH's intellectual property. Any use, in particular the passing on, duplication and publication by the User, shall require TMH's express written consent.

TMH reserves all rights, in particular trademark rights and copyrights, to the entire content of the website and TMH-Trading - Community, in particular to trademarks, logos, texts, graphics, photographs, layout and music. As far as the use is not permitted by law, any use of the content of the TMH-Trading - Community beyond the contractual obligations, in particular the storage in databases, duplication, distribution or processing, requires the express written consent of TMH.

The TMH-Trading - Community may contain thirdparty content or links to third-party content. TMH is not liable for this content or the technical functionality of the interfaces provided in this regard. Insofar as links are established to third-party websites, the user acknowledges that these are operated by third parties and that TMH has no influence on the content of these sites and on the information published there.

Personal data of the User will only be processed by TMH if the User voluntarily provides such data, for example when registering, posting in the Community, uploading photos or otherwise entering into a contractual relationship with TMH or contacting TMH.

For all disputes between TMH and the User, including disputes regarding the conclusion, legal validity, amendment and termination of this legal transaction, the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court for 4407 Steyr, Austria is agreed, to the extent permitted by law.